This Is The Best State For Women To Live.

It is no secret there is a national disillusion with gender equality in the United States. Women compromise less than twenty percent of the seats in both the United States Congress and Senate, one in three women report being victims of physical violence by an intimate partner, and for every dollar full time working men make, women make a measly seventy-nine cents. So for women, doing some research before moving to a new state can literally pay off.

Fortunately, MoveHub investigated the quality of life for women in all 50 states. Data for the “gender pay gap, political representation in the state legislature, equality in education, accessibility to health insurance, reproductive rights and the number of incidents of violence against women at the hands of men” were combined with the individual rankings from each factor. States are then scored for how well they protect and promote the welfare of their female citizens.

Another Reason to Move to the Aloha State

If you were searching for the reason to finally ditch your life and move to a beach, good news! Turns out beautiful Hawaii is the best state for women to live in 2017. Only 6% of the female population are uninsured (one of the lowest percentages across all states) and there is dramatically lower number of incidents of women being murdered by men. States not far behind include Vermont, Minnesota, Illinois and Maryland.

States that scored poorly in terms of political representation also ranked low on factors like equal pay and women’s reproductive rights. Oklahoma, for example, is the worst state for women to live, ranking particularly poor on women’s reproductive rights. Access to public abortion funds is restricted and the state recently introduced legislation requiring women to obtain written permission of the fetus’ father. The quality of life in low scoring states seems to be determined by inequality in government. Louisiana, Utah, Mississippi and South Carolina are also ranked was the worst states for women in 2017.

So if you need me, Lady Liberty and I will be basking in all the abundant sun and gender equality in the Aloha State.